EVER get up in the morning and thought you had nothing to wear?

My bet is you have. We’ve all had days like that. Me included. 

As a former fashion director, I too, have had my share of fashion disasters. However, if this little hiccup becomes a major meltdown, maybe it’s time to rethink your wardrobe. But that’s a story for another post … or several! 

However more than anything else, I find it frustrating not being able to find the classic basics I need to underpin my wardrobe — the fashion building blocks upon which my look and style is created.

Coco Chanel was against fashion that didn’t last”. She couldn’t accept that “you throw your clothes away just because it was spring”.

As much as I love the on-trend seasonal must-haves, sometimes I just want a simple little black dress. Or a trench coat in that perfect shade of camel that sits just below my knees. Or a pair of court shoes with a fine, elegant heel. 

So if you’re also over fashions trials and tribulations, or dramas and deviations, join me in my quest to find what every woman needs for every occasion.

Ever stylishly yours. 

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