Gwyneth Paltrow and her Saint Laurent duffle bag.
 Source: The Telegraph UK. Picture: EROTEME.CO.UK

You might wonder at the name of this blog ... What Every Woman Needs. So why did I chose the word "needs'' as opposed to "wants''?
Want is to feel a desire for, or wish for, to be without or deficient in  ... something. For example, you might desperately want the It bag of the moment – Hedi Slimane's Yves Saint Laurent duffle – because VogueHarpers Bazaar or The Telegraph UK tell you so. You absolutely want it. But you actually don't need it because you already have 10 (or 20) other great bags ... which are all in good condition and quite sufficient.
Whereas, need means an instance in which some necessity exists, a basic requirement, to be necessary. In other words, you've got a great suit, but you need a classic white shirt or basic white T-shirt to wear back with it. This logic can be applied to almost any wardrobe staple. So what do women need?

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