Cate Blanchett signs $10 million deal to be face of Giorgio Armani fragrances

ITS not unusual for celebrities and Hollywood stars to endorse products – think Nicole Kidman and Omega watches, George Clooney and Nespresso coffee, Tilda Swinton and Pringle knitwear, and numerous others who promote cars, beauty and random products. 

Then there
s Brad Pitt, who is currently fronting a Chanel No. 5 perfume campaign! The first male to do so! Its beautifully shot and he looks great, but seriously, what is that? Sorry, I cant help but think of Marilyn Monroe sleeping in nothing except for her Chanel No. 5! Are we supposed to imagine Brad naked ... in bed ... ??? Umm ...

Already the face of Japanese skincare brand SKII, it seems only natural Blanchett would be the face of a fragrance campaign – a Giorgio Armani one at that. And for a cool $10 million, thanks very much! Not bad for a day
s work. 

Yes, she polarises opinion, but I consider her to be one of the worlds most beautiful women (as the pictures here show).  

Signor Armani, quoted in the New York Post here, said that Blanchett “epitmosies the woman for whom I designWell considering that he has been dressing her for the red carpet for years and he used to be a major sponsor of the Sydney Theatre Company, I guess it's the least she can do! 

Well I guess that takes care of the school fees for now!

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