NOW that youve sorted your wardrobe, its time to take stock of what you do and dont have. I hope my previous post helped you discard the unworn (buying mistakes), the unloved (unfashionable and out-of-date) or just plain unwearable (they no longer fit, are stretched, faded or worn out).  But if you’re having separation anxiety, remember if a garment makes you look dumpy, frumpy or ordinary, it doesn’t deserve the wardrobe space.

Take stock
So now it’s time to take stock of whats left. The clothes you are left with should:
Assemble your clothes into outfits and work out what you need to complete the look.

Make a list
I’ve discovered in recent years that writing a list is an invaluable tool to help me focus. So before you start your list, look at your wardrobe and write down what you need. The list should cover three categories – basics, essentials and on-trend pieces.

The basics are those everyday items such as jeans, knits, casual pants, shirts and T-shirts. Because you wear them a lot, make sure you keep them fresh and up-to-date. T-shirts and some cotton shirts, look better when they are brand new, so don’t break the bank here. Quality tailored items will often exceed the budget, so be careful. So it’s better to have one good quality pair of trousers to upgrade every outfit, than several pairs in a cheaper quality that brings your look down.

The essentials are items such as a great coat, a fitted suit, the right underwear and a stunning dress. These items define your silhouette and your style. Buy the best you can afford.  Always choose quality over quantity and look after them. If you buy well, these should last for several seasons.

The on-trends are your nod to what’s in fashion now. It’s the key to keeping your wardrobe modern and up-to-date. If you already have all the classic basics covered, an on-trend print blouse or an accessory in a new colour will instantly update your wardrobe. Trends will be out of fashion as quickly as they came in, so don't spend a fortune on these pieces. Before buying ask yourself if it makes you look fabulous and will it work back with at least three other things in your wardrobe? Buy them, love them, wear them; but when their use-by-date expires, dump them.

As you become more confident of your style, you’ll buy fewer but better quality pieces. Gradually you’ll understand what works for you, makes you feel comfortable and looks great.

I hope this will help you pare back your wardrobe to timeless, fuss-free pieces that you can build upon, throw on and enjoy.

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