Coco Chanel circa 1936. Source: Pinterest
I'M a big fan of Chanel  … the woman and the brand. I have several books on her life and style, and most recently finished reading Justine Picardie's tribute Coco Chanel: The Legend and The Life.

The very name Chanel defies all concept of time. The company's combination of tradition, originality and style has made it the most seductive of brands. There is an air of mystery and exclusivity that surrounds the name, more than any other. So when this little YouTube video popped up on Twitter, I just had to share.

I love how Coco Chanel mixed real gems with costume jewellery, how she layered strands of pearls, and the brilliant but simple idea of the Little Black Dress. But most of all, I love her signature black and white, and white collars and cuffs.Her audacity in the 1920s to completely change the way women dressed was regarded as shocking. It was daring, but she was a visionary.

Beautiful clothes, intricate accessories and timeless design leave no doubt as to the lasting fame of the brand and embody everything that has come to symbolise the magic of Chanel. Enjoy.

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