If black pants are the answer to every womans fat days, white jeans are their evil twin. But with the right styling, you can wear them all year round

Trenery stretch cotton sateen jeans worn throughout (buy similar here)
Country Road wool knit cardigan, $99, (buy similar here
Angela Caputi bangles / Chanel ballet flats (buy similar here)
 Barton Perreira glasses 

MANY women are afraid to wear white ... particularly white jeans. Im not sure why that is; is a maintenance thing or a style thing? (I think you know what I mean when I say style thing …) Or maybe its a confidence thing? 

If black pants are the answer to every girl“fat days, then white trousers are their evil twin. Well, how can a bright white something thats sure to highlight every flaw in a womans body be remotely slimming? 

But white jeans are the best kind of statement, one that speaks volumes! And with the right styling you can wear white jeans all year round.

White jeans are a classic and will never go out of style. They are fresh and clean, light and uplifting; they’re a wardrobe no-brainer. White jeans elevate button-down shirts and luxurious knits in a way that blue denim never will.  

Me? I love my white jeans. They thrive among my wardrobe in a variety of fabrics and textures: in cropped, relaxed and wide-legged styles for flats and flip-flops, and longer bootleg versions just for heels. And they certainly arent restricted for summer! 

White is the ultimate blank canvas for a riot of colour and textures. Wear with navy, or red, or brown, or grey. Or any colour for that matter! Also experiment with a variety of accessories and prints and patterns. And when the temperature drops, just throw on a jumper or jacket. 

However, you simply cant go past the classic combination of black and white. The monochromatic tones are very on-trend this season.  In fact, theyre on-trend every season!!! The combo never goes out of fashion.

Heres how you can take white jeans through to winter. Its just a matter of adding more layers for the cooler months. Sure, Ive opted for fairly plain classic basics; but thats my style ... I do tend to play it safe ... some times. And all the pieces here Ive had in my wardrobe for many years. I have no doubt you already have similar pieces. If not, youll be able to pick up similar pieces in most stores now.

Country Road wool trench coat, $349, buy similar here

Sportscraft long-sleeved T-shirt, $27.95 // Trenery knit, $99 (buy similar here)
 Country Road belt, $49.95 (buy similar here) // 1950s vintage coat 
Savanna sunglasses from Optique
Sportscraft long-sleeved T-shirt, $27.95 // Trenery knit, $99 (buy similar here
 Country Road belt, $49.95 (buy similar here) // Rafia Chic shoes // Savanna sunglasses from Optique

Zara brown leather biker jacket (buy similar here) // Sportscraft long-sleeved T-shirt, $27.95
Eclettica knit scarf (buy similar here) // Christian Louboutin ankle boots (buy similar here)
 Tom Ford glasses. All pictures: Mr Galeforce

Do you believe that white jeans only belong in your summer wardrobe? Never worn white jeans in fall or winter? Or maybe you do. Would love to hear how you wear yours.

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