In the spirit of illustrious fashion editor Diana Vreeland, here are some suggestions for a stylish weekend

Diana Vreeland by Peter Emmerich via Etsy

 make like Diana Vreeland herself and wear something red? A flash of vivid red lipstick or these tasselled red suede slippers from Charles Philip Shanghai will go with absolutely everything. Best thing, the shoes are still on sale at Net-A-Porter. Bonus! Or perhaps the red print of Ms Vreeland (above) will add some colour on your walls!

… get those worn heels mended and replace those missing buttons? (Finally) 

… spread a little inspiration by leaving a favourite old paperback on a table in your favourite cafe or a bench in your local park for another passer-by to pick up and read?

 clean out your wardrobe and give away anything you haven't worn for a least year? Guaranteed you won't miss it, plus you'll be making space for your soon-to-be new season purchases (that's also guaranteed!) 

 expand your mind and take in a new exhibition at your local art gallery? There's plenty on offer, from modernism at the Art Gallery of NSW, romanticism at the National Gallery of Victoria, indigenous art at the GOMA in Brisbane and the Art Gallery of South Australia. There's the master of landscapes and seascapes – Joseph Turner – at the National Gallery in Canberra. Head out west and you have impressionism, cubism and surrealism at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. And in Tasmania you have MONA ... what can I say … unbelievably amaaaazing! But the best thing is, most art galleries are free.

Have a great weekend!

What are you planning to do this weekend? A DIY project? Catch up on chores? Lunch with a girlfriend? Or a chance to relax? Let me know.