1: By George, a new prince is born

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CONGRATULATIONS to Kate and Wills for the birth of baby Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. It only seems like yesterday that Princess Di and Prince Charles walked down the same hospital steps and presented baby William to the world 31 years ago  All things aside, royalists and republicans alike are joining in celebrations to mark the birth of a future king of England. Time to wet the head!

2: Mediterranean memories 

AREN'T these beads the most gorgeous colour blue youve ever seen? Theyre the colour of my memories of the Mediterranean, of the historic magic of Capri and its famous grotto. You just want to dive right in and luxuriate in their deliciousness!  

This triple layer lucite and crystal choker will have you wishing you were poolside at La Scalinatella on Capri or shopping along the fashionable piazzetta. Available online from Tarina Tarantino, there are at least 21 colours to choose from plus matching bracelets, earrings and single row chokers. Why not make a statement and twist two or three colours together to make one big choker? But what colours to choose?

3: Get wrapped up a new scarf

IF you love scarves, then youll love these modal offerings from Melbourne company, Slouch Bag.  Known for their bags (and thats one of them just below), the designers behind the Slouch Bag have now introduced a selection of modal scarves. 

Modal, a type of rayon using reconstituted cellulose fibers, usually from beech trees, dyes like cotton, is colour-fast when washed  in warm water, and is resistant to shrinkage and fading. Soft, smooth and light, even more so than mercerised cotton, these scarves are the perfect addition to any stylish wardrobe. Every woman needs a variety of scarves to wrap, and tie, twist and drape. And I love just the blue and earth tones of this style called Broome". Buy online here

4: Dont be a Slouch, its time to buy a new bag

ORANGE is not a colour that comes to mind when I think about handbags. Black, brown, navy, red or camel; yes. But orange; no.

Several years ago in Thailand, I was invited to a lunch with a group of expat women, but one French woman stood out. I don't remember much about her other than the fact that she had an orange handbag! Its an image I'll never forget; its locked away in my mental style bank forever. She looked so elegant and chic … pulled together as only a Parisian woman can! She had on a simple man-style white shirt with the collar and sleeves rolled up, slim-leg denim capris, and a pair of absolutely gorgeous orange and gold embellished slides. And her toenails were painted orange! But that bag was an Hermès Birkin. So simple, but oh so stylish. 

Well,  you know how hard it is to find a bag big enough for all your bit n pieces without compromising on style. The girls at Slouch Bag have created a range of functional cross-body bags that shape to your body. Designed in Australia for women everywhere, the bag comes in a range of colours. This orange or Yucca style will do me just fine. It's not quite a Birkin, but itll be perfect with my favourite man-style white shirt, distressed boyfriend jeans with the hems rolled up and an old pair of jewel-coloured embellished Wittner slides (on which I recently replaced the diamante and crystal buckles). Maybe Ill even paint my toenails orange! Throw on the scarf, above, and Ill be out the door in a flash.

Bring on summer! 

How has your week been? Any news you wish to share? Would love to hear from you.

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