Ever got out of bed and thought  Ive got nothing to wear?  Well youre not alone. Its time to get your style on 

THIS is the last week to order your summer wardrobe from the Good Day Girl salon collection.

Just when you thought you had nothing to wear, now you can have a good day in your clothes and hit the next season running. 

Good Day Girl is an evolution in style and business by independent designers and style gurus, Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone of Eclettica and Sophie Toohey of Mr Rose and they've made it their mission to make it easier for us mortals to get dressed in the morning so we can hit the ground running!

Alexia (the gorgeous model above!) and Sophie have brought back the good old days of the salon – a more intimate way of shopping where you would visit your designer or tailor, have pieces made just for you and learn how to put the looks together. 

Made to order, made for you is their philosophy. And their label, Good Day Girl, is for women who want comfort, versatility and simplicity in great fabrics that will last.

Get a seasonal capsule collection in the size you want, the fabrics you crave, the service you deserve and the style knowhow to keep you looking good all day.

You can book an appointment for the salon in Paddington, or order online, and choose colours, fit, lengths and sizes from 4 to 20. But you have to be quick, as styles are limited. Orders are turned around in about four weeks, just in time for summer.

So whats keeping you? And in the words of the Good Day Girls, its time to get your style on!

Summer 2013
Orders available until Saturday, August 24
Delivery mid October 2013.
View and try on the collection at the Good Day Girl Salon
31 Norfolk St, Paddington, NSW
T: +61 (0) 2 9368 1423
Or order online at www.gooddaygirl.com.au

Are you a Good Day Girl? Do you often find that you have nothing to wear? 
Do you struggle getting dressed in the morning? Would love to hear from you.

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