The key to a truly successful wardrobe is the core essentials. But what does every woman really need in her wardrobe? 

10 wardrobe essentials

THE one question I get asked regularly is what are my top 10 wardrobe essentials?” If I had $1 for every time I was asked that … well you know how it goes!

But before I answer, I always ask a few questions. Do you mean top 10 pieces for winter? For summer? Do I get to include shoes? And what about accessories? Are the pieces for work? For rest? Or for play? 

Thats because there is not one definitive answer. Well, there is … but depending on a number of variables (those of which I mentioned above), it is possible to compile several lists.

Those lists will differ depending on colour, climate and dress code – my base colour, the time of year and where I am going. (Ill save them all for later posts!)

I also need to clarify that this list is not about restricting oneself to wearing or owning only 10 pieces, but what 10 pieces are essential for every wardrobe for pretty much all year round. The pieces that you could not live without. The pieces that form part of an outfit every day.

Hypothetically, could I live with just 10 pieces in my wardrobe? No I couldn’t. But, now that I think about it, there really are only about 10 pieces I continue to fall back on; those core essentials that are the backbone or underpinning of my wardrobe and thus form my signature style. They are my trusted loyal friends, my sartorial sisters, who never let me down even when Im having a fashion crisis. (Yes, even I have them!) 

So do those 10 pieces make my list? Yes, I concur, they do. And a little word of advice: Always choose quality over quantity. It is always worth spending a little more money on these pieces, because they will become your wardrobe workhorses so theyll need to stand up to plenty of wear and tear.

My top 10 essential wardrobe pieces are:

   1: A classic white button-down shirt
   2: A little black dress
   3: Fitted tailored jacket
   4: Tailored pants (preferably that match the fitted jacket)
   5: Slim-leg or regular jeans
   6: Perfect white, grey marle or striped Breton-style T-shirt
   7: An A-line or pencil skirt 
   8: Cashmere knit sweater and/or cardigan 
  9: Printed wrap dress
10: Trench coat 

What are your 10 essential pieces? Can you manage with just 10 or do you need more? 
Im keen to create some new lists as Im always looking for new ideas, 
so let my know what item you cant live without.

TOP (from left): J Crew Collection cashmere cardigan // Sportscraft T-shirt
 Country Road cotton voile shirt // Markus Lupfer brocade circle skirt
MIDDLE (from left): David Lawrence sculptured point dress
 Stella McCartney wool-twill jacket 
BOTTOM (from left): Diane von Furstemberg wrap dress // David Lawrence trench coat // Sass & Bide jeans // Stella McCartney wool-twill pants

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