Wish you had more control of your shopping experience? Well now you can. The market place is changing, its getting Alphatised

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I AM woman, hear me roar! We are all familiar with the Helen Reddies classic 1972 hit, but in todays consumer society, maybe a more appropriate battle cry would be “I am woman, watch me shop

What woman doesn’t love to shop? But more importantly, what woman doesn’t love a bargain? Most of us deserve gold medals for our efforts and achievements in hunting down the best bargains. But in the digital space that means spending hours staring at a computer screen while our fingers do the walking across a plethora of global online shopping sites.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered a new shopping site called AlphatiseIts a bit like a fairy godmother where your wish is their command. Literally! 

The Australian innovation, which was two years in the making, is changing the way we buy and sell online today. Unlike other online marketplaces Alphatisedisrupts traditional retail models allowing the shopper to tell the seller what they want to buy and what they’re prepared to pay for it. Amazing!

Through a growing index of more than 250 million products, Alphatise is a one-stop shop where “you will find whatever you desire”. Its not one store; its many. There are big-name brands from fashion to food, beauty to technology, electronics to perfumes; the list of products is endless. 

And in a world where we now communicate and network through social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Alphatise is also the worlds first social commerce platform. 


Alphatise - Have a say in what you pay! from Alphatise on Vimeo.

Simply download the free mobile app or jump online to the Alphatise website. Browse the products (and there are literally millions!) and start wishing” on products you want and indicate the price or discount you’re prepared to pay.

If enough shoppers push for a new price or discount and the seller agrees, a deal is offered. This means that suppliers can sell based on actual market demand and you get the product you want for the price you want. When a seller agrees to your wish” and a deal is offered, you’ll receive a notification with the option to accept or reject the offer.  If your “wish” for a discount is accepted, your notification will also include a time limit for how long the offer is valid (generally a matter of hours). Then just head into store and purchase whatever it is you desire at the discount offered. 

For example, I have a black-tie function at the end of September and I need a new pair of shoes. So I went straight to Louboutin (yes, the luxury French shoe brand is there!) and lodged my wish. It wasnt for a specific pair of shoes, but a wish for a discount. It was a seamless transaction, where you spin and wish. Now I just wait to see if my fairy godmother will grant it! Fingers crossed the seller agrees, then Ill just head into store and choose whatever my heart desires at the discount they offered.

Alternatively, if you cant find what you want, theres an option to scan the barcode of any product from any store and post that as a wish.  It doesnt have to be a product or company listed on Alphatise

Whatever your method, its a win-win for everyone: we all save precious time shopping around for a better deal, and retailers get to move their product. 

Alphatise is a social commerce engine evolution, not a retail revolution. 

Happy shopping! Lets get Alphatised.

Download the app at Alphatise.

For more information go to: or

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