A woman who dresses with style doesnt need to wear something new and different every day – even in winter. So dont be afraid to pull on those trusted old favourites and proven classics that make for a season – and lifetime – of chic looks

WINTER is the season for trusted favourites such as classic coats, knits, jeans and boots. Every woman has her  go-to wardrobe; those security blanket pieces she returns to when all else fails. And it's those style staples that form the basis of my current go-to wardrobe favourites.

With the sudden drop in temperature, this weeks favourites include the boots, the cardigan and scarf. (In fact, I even pulled on some leather gloves today!)

These trusty old Sergio Rossi boots (think I bought them back in 1999 0r 2000 – cant exactly remember) are trotted out and worn at least three times a week every winter, every year. I can't believe how good they still look! Well thats thanks to my shoe repair man – Rocky from Double Bay Shoe Repairs who re-soles and polishes them at the start of every winter! 

The whole jeans-inside-the-boots look is new for me. I only discovered I could pull it off about two years ago! Ive always had a bit of problem with the look ... I dont know, I just didnt think it was for me. Maybe it was a confidence thing. A bit does my bum look too big in this.  

But after experimenting I discovered it wasnt so bad, so it is now part of my style repertoire, but only with the Nudie stretch slim leg jeans (as seen above), which I bought back in 2008, and a particular pair of white jeans (another staple during the colder months). But as not all jeans and boots are created equal, my success was due in part by discovering what jeans worked best with what boots. But a word of warning: this is not a look for everyone. So have a play and see what works for you.

The spotted silk scarf  adds a little drama to an otherwise plain outfit. I bought it from Zara in Singapore when I was living there in 2006 and it has become a real wardrobe workhorse; I wear it with some many things and in so many ways.  I tie the scarf up as a big loose bow at the side of my neck, I knot it as a tie and wear with a buttoned-up white shirt or just wear it loosely round the neck like I did here. Ive worn it as a belt pulled through the belt loops on jeans, and on my head in a variety of ways.

If you stick to classic basics in plain unadorned styles and colours, youll get years of wear

And dont you just love the Helmut Lang bag? Thats another purchase from at least 12 years ago. I love the elegant east-west shape and its clean and simple lines. Its not your average everyday kind of work bag; its more for carrying the basics ... keys, lipstick, mobile phone, wallet ... just what every woman needs.

The Scanlan & Theodore baby wool knit cardigan and matching boatneck jumper I purchased about 10 years ago. I often wear them together as a twinset (I describe them as matching because they are made from the same wool and constructed in the same way, even though they werent sold or marketed as a twinset). The great thing about matching pieces or twinsets is that you get as much wear from them as separates as you do as a set. And being black, naturally, the list of possibilities are endless.

So it just goes to show how, if you stick to classic basics in plain unadorned styles and colours, youll get years of wear – as I have. Youre only limited by your creativity. However, I would stop short of suggesting that these are investment pieces as I didnt pay a small fortune for them. But in essence they are, as their cost per wear ratio has given me a great return for my initial investment.

(Oh, and mum, if youre reading this, yes Ive should have ironed the scarf!!! But its a little tricky when youre working on location. Nowhere to plug the iron in!)

Ever stylishly yours ...

Nudie jeans 
 knit cardigan (try Country Road merino and silk blend cardigan)
matching jumper (try matching Country Road merino and silk blend V-neck knit)
silk scarf  (try Trenery silk scarf)
 boots (try Trenery leather boots)
leather bag (try Marcs leather clutch)

Pictures: Jono Blake

What classic basics do you have that you wear over
and over again? What are your go-to pieces? Would love you to share with me.

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