Make 2014 your year for a life of style 

IM not a big new years resolutions person. My father always used to say “rules are meant to be broken! So unless I feel so strongly about something, I generally just resolve to live a better life and make more of an effort. Or at least try to!

Maybe your resolutions might be to drink less alcohol, to eat less carbs, promise to spend more time in the gym or to call home more often.

However, one thing I do every year, is attempt to look and be the best I can. I live by the motto: Do the best you can with what youve got in the time youve got. I apply it to everything! Work, cooking, cleaning ... everything! You should try it!

And its no different when it comes to fashion and style. Looking my best is what helps me stand up a little straighter, exude self-confidence and feel better about myself. In short, it helps me get noticed! 

So with that said, here are my top five style resolutions for what every woman needs for a more stylish life.

1: New year, new you (edit and evaluate your closet)
This is my ultimate number one. Traditionally, most of us edit our wardrobes at spring. But theres no better time to overhaul your wardrobe than at the start of the year. Read here how you can effectively go through this process. Once you have edited your closet, check for classic basics (or the those wardrobe essential pieces) and make a list of what you need. Carry that list with you always, because you never know when the inspiration or opportunity to go shopping will hit you!

2: Invest in your wardrobe
Every woman needs to have a collection of good quality classic basics that underpins her wardrobe. Generally speaking, quality means expensive. And a stylish woman will always choose quality over quantity. Quality also means that the clothes should last for several seasons and work back with many things in your wardrobe thus giving you a great return on your initial investment, or a cost-per-wear ratio.  So trust me, these wardrobe essentials are worth the investment. After all, the aim to having a well-edited wardrobe is to have less but better quality

3: Take more risks
I once read somewhere that “a lot of people have taste but they dont have the daring to be creative. So this year, why dont you dare to be different and experiment with new accessories, a new hair style or a new colour. The trick is to know your signature style and, most importantly, know who you are – then express that to the world. Dont let your clothes wear you, be confident and wear them!

4: Find your local consignment stores
Being the eldest of eight children, most of my clothes while growing up were secondhand, came from op shops, or made or refashioned by myself. Or for my younger siblings, hand-me-downs from me! I still love to browse a good op-shop, but now we have the consignment shop.  Youd be amazed at the bargains Ive found over the years. Pieces that have hardly been worn, some with the swing tags still attached! There are a couple of consignment shops I visit regularly and Im yet to be disappointed. Sure, you have to sort through the racks, but I always find something that will work back with my wardrobe and style needs. So before hitting the department stores and high street shops, know whats on-trend then pay a visit to your local consignment shop first.

5: Shop regularly, but not on demand
Its important at the start of any new season to browse the magazines to get a grip of what’s  hot. But its also just as important to visit the stores regularly throughout the season. Dont just hit the shops and buy randomly. Have a plan. The secret is to know your signature style, have a budget and do some forward planning.  Weve all made those fashion blunders when were in a hurry and not organised, and end up buying something that most likely will never be worn again! Learn from your past shopping mistakes, and how not to make the same again.

What are your new year resolutions? Do you make style resolutions?
Would love to hear from you.

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